Is reality really real?

The whole thing about simulation theory is that it would seem to conveniently match up to all know anomalies. But then so does modern science, I mean look at all the issues scientists can’t resolve they seem to find some way of making sense of it all. So, the way I see it there is … Continue reading Is reality really real?


Disassociated feelings

Disassociated feelings I have had these experiences again and I can only describe them as been there but not being there. It’s like watching tv or a movie it makes me want to reach out and touch things just to see if they are real. I feel like I am looking through someone else’s eyes, … Continue reading Disassociated feelings

Good Day At The Park

Following on from my bad seizure the other day my brain zaps seemed to have calmed down, however I have noticed the more stressed I become the worse they become. So I have been off my antidepressants for over a week and as yet have not suffered any ill side effects, beside the seizure the … Continue reading Good Day At The Park

Worst seizure yet

Well a week in with no antidepressants and I am still having brain zaps coupled with the fact that I have had another seizure today it's not been good. In fact I would say that this seizure has turned out to be the worst one I have experienced so far. I know the brain zaps … Continue reading Worst seizure yet

My story

For many years I have suffered with anxiety, depression and panic attacks. I can pin point the exact day that this all started to happen. I was involved in a car accident up in the mountains of the English Lake District. I mean it was no normal accident in the sense that it was on … Continue reading My story