My support worker told me something very interesting the other day. It was about how some of us don’t get to grow up learning that the world can be neutral. So, when we are raised in a way that when we misbehave, make mistakes and then get shouted at, our brain doesn’t understand that there … Continue reading Positivity


Sleepless nights

Well second night this week were I have had the worst sleep. On Sunday night I didn’t sleep at all resulting in a Monday feeling not very well and resting up all day. Tuesday night faired a bit better got a couple of hours sleep and this has resulted in me being awake at 5am … Continue reading Sleepless nights


I have always been told to ignore people who put you down or call you names and such. And, pretty much that’s how I have lived my life, not that I have people putting me down everyday. So, on the odd occasion that I have had someone be not so nice to me I usually … Continue reading Grudges?

Happy Days!!!

The last couple of days have seen an improvement in my mood, not as many headaches, or headrushes, happy days!!! Not sure on the reasons for the change in my mood but I am happier for it. My sleeping hasn’t improved however, which makes my happier mood all the surprising, probably all the rest I … Continue reading Happy Days!!!

The Storm

Poem This poem is my interpretation of what it is like to go through a period of depression or anxiety or both. These are represented by the storm, the window my will and the front my spirit. By the end you can chose to fight or go around the poem again and again, like an … Continue reading The Storm

The Return of The Headrushes

After a decent week of very little in the way of headrushes, they are back with a bang. I don’t know why they are back, I haven’t changed my routine, but they are. I know that they can be caused by having a blood pressure problem, or by the bodies inability to control the drop … Continue reading The Return of The Headrushes

Revelations and other things

Well I have reached the end of the week and doing as I am told and not overdoing it and rest. I have just worked out that with just normal daily activities like going the shop or going to school I have managed to rack up over 32 miles in walking which is averaging out … Continue reading Revelations and other things